XV Foundation is on a mission to establish diverse funding for the USA Women's XVs team.


At present, the USA Women’s XVs Program is the only USA Rugby team without secondary funding from outside entities. This means our sustainability is directly tied to the financial health of USA Rugby. We have been operating year-to-year, budget-to-budget, dollar-to-dollar. If we truly want to compete, we can no longer afford this approach. 

To compete in an increasingly professional landscape, we must work with USA Rugby to create a financially sustainable platform through diverse, direct, and transparent revenue sources. 

This is our path to building and maintaining trust in the rugby community and beyond, expanding opportunities for women on the pathway, and eliminating players’ financial burdens. And ultimately, maximizing our potential on the global stage


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creating equal funding and opportunity


As we value transparency - we will be honest with our financial situation and what we hope to achieve through this foundation. Here is what we’re up against and what we hope to achieve through this foundation. We are 22 months from the 2021 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, while significant progress has been made on and off the field, we are facing an incredibly difficult year.  The USA Women’s XVs program is the only program without secondary funding, i.e., when USA rugby is experiencing financial hardship, so is the Women’s XVs pathway. The current 2020 budget leaves the players responsible for travel to/from camps and tours, housing during camps  and tours, multiple  camp fees, and loss of wages, etc.

While women’s rugby around the World is professionalizing, the USA women remain largely pay - to - play and it becomes extremely challenging to remain competitive, although we all have the talent to do so. Therefore - we look to bridge the gap and create a professional program where players can focus on representing their country and playing rugby. We are turning to you - our community - to help us grow towards sustainability and ultimately pursue equality. 


Our success is tied to our ability to create direct, sustainable revenue. To remain competitive, we must raise $350,000 for the Women’s XVs program for 2020 (through donations, grants, sponsorships, and partnerships).   We are aligned with USA Rugby in this mission, and will work directly with them to ensure that all money raised through the foundation goes directly to the needs listed below.   

This will cover:

-Player travel

-Camp fees

-Operating costs

-Housing and meals

- Event Expenses

-Stipends to supplement lost wages

These funds will allow us to not only compete, but to be successful at the highest level possible. Join us in helping the Women’s XVs Program move one step closer to equity, sustainability, and empowerment. 


In 1991, the USA Women won the 15s World Cup and became the very first World Champions. In the two following World Cups 1994 and 1998, we finished second.  Most recently, the Eagles have seen progressive success in the last World Cup cycles placing 6th in 2014 and 4th in 2017. The USA Women's XVs beat 4th ranked Canada Rugby in Super Series  and have gotten our players more international experience in the last year than the entire past cycle. In the next year, the program will build with additional test matches and new tournament formats as preparation for the next Rugby World Cup in 2021.  Help us continue our trajectory by donating below.

you can help develop the future.

A message from our founders


 Your support and contributions will help create a positive future for the Women's XVs team. All gifts are tax-deductible. Donate now through a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift.

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Become a Legacy member with a starting monthly donation of $15/month for XVs. Recurring donations are the most impactful way to show support and automatically earn a XVs Foundation membership.

Donation Frequencies: Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support.

Our founders

Co-Founder Alycia Washington, USA Rugby Eagle Number 237.

Alycia Washington

Alycia Washington

Alycia Washington

Eagle #237. 

First 15s cap: June, 2015. 

Campus Recreation Professional; 


Co-founder Kristine Sommer, USA Rugby Eagle Number 264.

Kristine Sommer

Alycia Washington

Alycia Washington

Eagle #264. 

First 7s Cap: October, 2016. First 15s Cap: April, 2017.

Business Development Manager; 

Clear Water Services, LLC. 

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